Alexander Shogenov. Full-Stack Web-Developer: PHP, NodeJS, React

Hello, I'm Full-Stack Web-Developer

Phone: 8-995-1-999-195

Email: alex@shogenov

My github account is


2018 - NOW XIAG AG

I work in project hogashop.

I use the php and nodejs for different tasks on the server and react in the browser.

Hogashop is the big project consisting of the microservices. For example we have a separates module for api, each UI feature, import etc.

For deploy and configuration we use the salt stack. I write tests and follow the Test Driven Development. It's a very important and useful experience. This application is very popular in the Switzerland. I like to develop something useful for people and something that make the everyday work of some people simplify.

2018 - 2018 Law company

I developed the web-site of the company(include design). I implemented this site using the slim framework. News section on this site uses the server-side rendering with react. Some js-components implemented using the react. For example forms and interactive svg map.

I implemented the js-css-compressor for minification, transform and gzipping css and js files.

2017 - 2018 Booking service

Don't be scared when go to the this site. I didn't do the main site (only some small fixes). I created the account for hotels owners using react, redux. I used the bitrix as api. It was very strange but main site written on the bitrix.

Account includes:

  • the registration with not simple logic;
  • adding the hotel in the system
  • editing the hotel info
  • adding the information and types of rooms
  • price table with editing price by different time period
  • moderation and separate UI for moderators
  • Integration with CRM and making invoices

2016 - 2017 Web-studio VuduTeam

I developed the sites using different CMSs. All programmers(at some point in they life) want to develop own the best CMS. I try to do it in VuduTeam. I implemented working version of CMS but now I afraid to look the code of it. I created the photo-album constructor using js, canvas at this period. Now it is

2014 - 2016 Web-studio Clickon

My first job as programmer. I learned a new (for me) language parser.

I developed the web-sites and web-application with different complexity. I've take the next level in PHP, HTML, CSS and JS.

For example I developed a nice site with some animations and interactive svg-maps


before 2014 Learning and beginning with building the simple bad apps for the web

My key skills:


I use version 7 with a newest features. I like php for simplicity and power.

I sure that we don't need the frameworks for each task. I like a pure PHP. With composer it is a very powerful.

In the specific cases I use slim framework and add the necessary libraries with the composer. You can see my boilerplate for slim and sqlite3.


On the server and in the browser. I use new features but I don't forget about transformation newest code to understandable for any browser.

For example I implemented the js-css-compressor ( for one of previous client.


NodeJS is very useful for services which works like a daemons.

And I made sites and api on the NodeJS too.

I took a little part in the fixing a bug in the open source project xlsx stream reader

For NodeJS server I prefer the Koa framework. It's very simple and nice.


I use the React, Redux, Sagas for frontend. With React I can build a big complex interfaces, for example single-page application, and I can implement a small components for web-page insertions as a separate module. This site written using react and I want to put its source code it the github in the future(When I will made that I replace this part of text with link to the repo). I implemented the universal react web-app(SSR with reusing same react code on the client and on the server).


I like Typescript because it's guarantee a good code style and strict types for such liberal language as JavaScript. I can write a good readable code, use all newest features and use OOP when I write on the Typescript.

I have repo with a small example of code on Typescript using Koa and Mysql


It's hard to imagine a modern development without a git. I know and use git-flow and semantic versioning.

Test Driven Development

Since I started to write tests and use test-driven development I can't to develop another way. Tests helps me to write only necessary code and be sure that the code is working right. It's a very useful skill for me. When I code on PHP I use the PhpUnit and Mockery, on JavaScript - mocha and sinon.

I follow the SOLID and DRY. I'm sure that I don't need to use OOP in each case. I can use functional programming or OOP when it fits better.

It's better to learn the language instead the framework. And I think that the developer should to choose the right tool for the specific task.

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